SideFX Houdini is the standard software for creating VFX in Hollywood blockbusters. One of the main reasons besides the powerful simulation tools can be found in the procedural approach of Houdini. This means, that you can generate extremely flexible and controllable setups. This procedural approach of Houdini FX runs through absolutely all areas of the 3D environment. Therefore, newcomers in this program often face a hurdle until the already from other 3D programs known working techniques are understood in this new context. But as soon as the understanding is taking over, you begin to love Houdini FX and its ways of working :-)!

pixeltrain | Helge Maus is an expert for SideFX Houdini and offers training for different focuses. Whether you are a beginner or already a professional, whether you are looking for a training course on animation & rigging in Houdini FX or would prefer to learn scripting in VEX, just ask Helge Maus! He will be happy to work out your personal curriculum for you.

Training Requests

All training contents will be adapted to your individual needs. A free analysis is the basis of a successful learning. Therefore take the chance and feel free to contact us. After a first talk on the phone, we create an individualized plan according to the goals you wish to achieve.

If you are interested in a training by pixeltrain / Helge Maus, you can reach us by email info(at) We will contact you as soon as possible for an informal talk.

Besides the training, we also provide detailed advice on the purchase of the software, consulting and project support during a production.

Training Topics

pixeltrain offers you the following Houdini trainings. You choose whether these should be carried out as a company training, individual training or online training. The exact content can be adapted to your individual wishes and requirements.

  • Houdini Fundamentals
    (interesting also for everyone switching from Maya, 3DMax, Cinema 4D & Co)
  • Houdini Procedural Modeling / Digital Assets
  • Houdini Digital Environments & Terrains
  • Houdini for Motion Graphics
  • Houdini Particles
  • Houdini Vellum
  • Houdini Pyro FX
  • Houdini Fluids
  • Houdini VFX Tools Introduction
    (Particles, Vellum, Pyro, FLIP & RBD in a compact form)
  • Houdini Rigid Body / Destruction
  • Houdini Large Scale Fluids + Oceans
  • Houdini Character & Animation / KineFX
  • Houdini Crowds
  • Houdini Solaris (Karma & USD)
  • Houdini Rendering with Mantra
  • Houdini Rendering with Arnold